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The realities of Brexit to our small business

I want to talk about knives, but as a knife business that mostly imports our knives from Japan we can't put off the topic of Brexit as it is causing us some massive uncertainties. Sorry to go all "politics" on you for a minute but with Brexit going the way it is we feel the need to discus some of the issues we are experiencing; how it has already effected us and how it will continue to do so regardless of the unknown end outcome.

Japan Trip 2018

In March we decided to make a trip to see the blacksmiths that make the majority of our knives that we sell here at Cutting Edge Knives. Thankfully they are under the same roof at Takefu Knife Village in Echizen so it was going to be pretty easy travel wise to catch up with them all.

Which kitchen knife should I buy?

We get quite a few emails from you lovely people asking for advice on which knife to get as a “first good knife”, we've got a long answer and this helpful short answer.

Magnetic knife racks, which way up to store the knives?

I received a text over the weekend from a friend asking me to solve an odd disagreement he was having with his girlfriend: "In a wall mounted knife rack, do the knives go blade pointing up or down?" I thought I'd share my response with you all.

Don't hesitate

Handmade knives are more popular than ever as more people appreciate their quality so there's often a bit of a rush for some items.


Now you have a great knife you need an excuse to get to know it. Here is one of our favourite and versatile recipes for an amazing tasting side dish which luckily needs quite a bit of chopping, slicing and dicing to give you some practice.

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