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Sujihikis are the perfect knife for Christmas dinner!

The Sujihiki knife is the Japanese equivalent of the Western carving knife. Its long, thin double-bevelled blade means it will glide through the meat in one pass rather than having to saw through it, this helps keep the meat moist and eliminates the 'ridges' that you get from making more than one pass.

Which kitchen knife should I buy?

We get quite a few emails from you lovely people asking for advice on which knife to get as a “first good knife” and we've got a long answer and this helpful short answer.

Magnetic knife racks, which way up to store the knives?

I received a text over the weekend from a friend asking me to solve an odd disagreement he was having with his girlfriend: "In a wall mounted knife rack, do the knives go blade pointing up or down?" I thought I'd share my response with you all.

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Handmade knives are more popular than ever as more people appreciate their quality so there's often a bit of a rush for some items.


Now you have a great knife you need an excuse to get to know it. Here is one of our favourite and versatile recipes for an amazing tasting side dish which luckily needs quite a bit of chopping, slicing and dicing to give you some practice.

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