Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide

We have included 2 different knife choices per price range. The first is easy to care for and might suit either someone new to Japanese knives, or the seasoned chef who just wants a knife they can wipe and leave!

The second is either a knife that is pure carbon therefore needs more care, or an unusual shape or steel that might be more tricky to sharpen than some and might be suited to the more experienced user, or an adventurous beginner!

Under £100

Sakai Takauyuki moonlit waves petty knife

Sakai Takayuki - Moonlit Waves petty 135mm

An easy to care for petty with a western handle, perfect for the first foray into Japanese knives. 

Nishida White #1 - Ko Bocho knife

Nishida White #1 - Ko Bocho

A carbon steel ko-bocho that is beautifully made.

£100 - £150

Anryu Aogami Hammered santoku knife

Anryu Aogami Hammered santoku

Blue #2 steel clad in stainless make this knife easy to sharpen and care for.

Konosuke GS+ Petty 150mm knife

Konosuku GS+ petty 150mm

One of our go to knives at home, this laser thin petty is semi stainless and a joy to use. It's also James's all time favourite knife!

£151 - £200

Sakai Takayuki super blue steel kengata santoku knife

Sakai Takayuki agogami super blue santoku

Super blue steel at a great price and the kengata shape makes for a great looking knife!

Jikko knives White #2 gyuto 180mm knife

Jikko knives - White #2 gyuto

White #2 with a soft iron clad means this one needs a little more care but the fit and finish on this range is superb.


Yoshida Hamono ZDP189 bunka knife

Yoshida Hamono ZDP189 bunka

Another one of our absolute faves and one of our best selling knives, this bunka will blow you away!

Masakage Kumo gyuto 180mm knife

Masakage Kumo gyuto 180mm

This is a visually stunning knife that would make an amazing gift.

Over £250

Konosuke YS-M Gyuto 210mm knife

Konosuke YS-M Gyuto 210mm

What can we say about this but wow. Another absolute stunner from Konosuke.

The Fujiwara denka gyuto knife

The Fujiwara denka gyuto

A complete contrast to some of our other knives that are visually perfect with a great fit and finish, this Denka is revered by knife owners for its amazing sharpness and its ability to hold its edge.

Want more choices?

Want to see everything we have and search by knife type, price, steel and more - visit our knife picker page.

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