Don't hesitate

Don't hesitate

It's obviously easy for us to say "don't hesitate, buy that knife right now" but we'd like to just take a few minutes to share why. 

Japanese knives are very popular these days, many of the top chefs around the world use them for their sharpness and edge retention and as such, that popularity is reflected in many home kitchens too.  

Because the knives we stock are nearly all handmade, there is a limited supply and unlike mass made knives, the time to make them can sometimes be weeks or months. 

We make every effort throughout the year to get as much stock as possible but with some knife ranges literally being made in small forges by one or two master blacksmiths the amount of stock is by nature limited. 

To help you get a feel for just how limited, we show real stock levels on our product pages. It helps to show our visitors what we mean by limited in some cases. 

If you're keen on adding a knife to your collection, we recommend you do so when you have the chance and something is in stock, we'll post it right away. Some of the knives and ranges we have are harder to get hold of than others and can often take weeks and even months before they're back on sale. 

It can be frustrating to see knives out of stock for long periods of time we know but it also means that when you do choose to buy one, you're investing in a handcrafted product that is made in small numbers by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world. 

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