The increasing popularity of the nakiri

The increasing popularity of the nakiri

It's great to see a lot more customers buying nakiri style knives these days, far more than just a couple of years ago that's for sure.

The nakiri despite its mini cleaver appearance is definitely not a cleaver but a vegetable knife. Designed with a thin, straight edge and squared tip it allows you to slice all the way through vegetables without needing to twist the blade.

The tall profile also helps with scooping your veg into the pot. For a lot of people their first knife still tends to be a more versatile gyuto or santoku chef knife but often when it comes to expanding a collection the nakiri and petty style knives are a close second choice and if you cook a lot of veggies then it's absolutely one to check out and add to your rack.

It's a knife that's not always been so familiar in European kitchens but if our experience and demand show anything it's becoming more and more popular as a part of many people's cooking prep.

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