Our favourite knives

Our favourite knives

In reality all our knives are great, we wouldn’t sell them otherwise but we all have our favourites here at CEK HQ. So here are some of our recommendations…


Being responsible for most of the day to day running of Cutting Edge Knives choosing my favourites has been really difficult but I’ve picked a couple I really love.

First up is the Anryu Hammered Santoku. We got this range in after a customer came in to buy one of the really expensive Fujiwara Denkas, he raved about the Anryus so we managed to get some stock.

He was right, they are easy to sharpen and good value plus they are really sharp and hold an edge.

If you’re wanting a knife that will do most things then the santoku is always a good choice. My other choice would be the ZDP-189 bunka. We had it in our kitchen for a year or so before we started selling them and it fast became a top seller. 


When we receive new stock we take a sample home with us to test in the kitchen, this gives us a chance to give it a fair trial before putting it on sale.

One of these knives was the Konosuke GS+ petty 150mm. It’s now become my go-to knife in the kitchen, it’s so thin and sits perfectly in the hand and is just a joy to use.

After a couple of years there’s a slight patina on the edge and it’s still the one I reach for first. My other go-to knife on the rack is the Sakai Takayuki 45 layer gyuto 240mm, I probably grab this if I can’t use the Konosuke because I need a bigger blade. It’s great value and very sharp.

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