Which Japanese knife should I buy?

Which Japanese knife should I buy?

Should it be this one or that? What type of steel should they buy? What about the handles? What shape of blade...? All important questions.

We wrote some tips on what to look for in our “crash course on choosing a knife” but sometimes you still need to ask someone, just to be sure and we welcome that.

When a customer gets in touch and they are in doubt or on the fence I nearly always point people to the same knife, the Santoku shaped knife in the Yuki range from the Masakage Blacksmiths.

It looks fantastic and is sure to be a crowd pleaser if given as a gift and will attract comments by guests when seen in your own kitchen. It is made from White Steel #2 that is laminated on each side in stainless steel so you get that lovely cutting edge and easy sharpening that carbon gives you with the ease of maintenance of stainless, a lovely (and technical) marriage of steels.

The Santoku shape (which means “3 ways”) makes it very versatile to ensure you get plenty of chances to use and enjoy your investment.

So when in doubt go with the Yuki Santoku, you won’t be disappointed.

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