Fallkniven's K Series Range

Be really careful with the blades of these scarily sharp knives. The man who makes them is a hunter who puts function before beauty.

Seriously sharp and built to stay that way due to the clever mix of stainless steel on the outside and super hard VG-10 steel for the cutting edge. This range of knives is so sharp that they don't give you a second chance if you accidentally brush against it (hence why we give you free plasters). It will simply makes your jaw drop when using it. Enjoy.

Eric Paxman

Used by Eric Paxman

Huddersfield based chef and owner of Eric's is a keen supporter of the quality and durability of the Fallkniven range saying: 

" As a chef I become very attached to a knife. I prefer to use a simple, well built knife that will last & give excellent performance. I particularly like the Fallkniven K Series as seen on cuttingedgeknives.co.uk"

Don't forget to visit Eric's restaurant if you're in the Huddersfield area!

What you get

Like the knife, the packaging will win no beauty competitions but you get a sturdy white box with a HUGE Fallkniven logo all over it. Inside your knife blade is teasingly hidden/covered by a card board sleeve.

All our knives also come with free blue plasters just in case you're not ready for the sharpness! If you intend to use your knives regularly (and you should be) then we don't advise you to use the boxes for day to day storage, get a magnetic knife rack instead.

Done the reading … buy the knives!

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