We own this one ourselves and it's one of our every day favourites. We call it "Susan" after Susan Boyle, not the most glamorous knife but boy does it have talent! Fallkniven have focused solely on the blade with this series of knives, that is where all the money is on this one.

Not the prettiest but boy does this knife perform? A good all rounder due to its size. Built to last and to high standards. Super sharp and its amazingly durable edge means it stays sharper for longer so you can just concentrate on the joy of cooking.

What we thought about this knife

We have personally tested and reviewed this knife to give you an honest and personal opinion about it and this is how it rates. Remember these scores are a reflection of the company these knives keep, all our knives are great (or we wouldn't sell them) but we can't give them all 5/5. A low score doesn't mean it's a poor knife, it just might be out-trumped by one of our other amazing knives.

5 / 5Overall performance

One of the finest western manufacturers' knives if you are just looking for sheer performance. All your money has gone into the blade on this one. This knife lives up to Fallkniven's standards by using the awesome VG-10 steel to keep a wickedly sharp edge which is laminated in stain resistant steel to make it lighter in weight yet stronger. Sharp as a razor and a joy to use.

2 / 5Beauty

Let's be honest, it will never win any beauty contests. But it was never meant to. This is an exceptional work horse and not a prancing pony. It is named after a whale and if you squint it sort of looks like one. This knife is all about the function over form so let us consider it an ugly duckling. But what a performer. This is an Olympic athlete of a knife, no room for fancy garnish here, it's all about doing the job it was built for and excelling at it.

5 / 5Durability

The totally sealed handle means no germ traps on this knife. The blade is built to keep an edge for a long time which minimises the amount of sharpening required. If misused the blade might chip like any other hardened steel blade but if you use it for its intended purpose it will be flawless. Built to last.

5 / 5Ease of care

Totally sealed synthetic handle means it is easy to clean and dry. No hidden dirt or germ traps here. The super hard cutting edge means sharpening is a rare event but when you do need to sharpen it you will need suitable sharpening equipment which can handle the harder steel (we recommend a diamond steel for all our knives anyway).

4 / 5Comfort

The handle, although plain in looks fits really well in the hand thanks to it's clever smooth molding. The rubber used is a special one (the same used on Fallkniven's combat knives used by various special forces) which ensures no slippage when your hands are wet which is important for safety and confidence. It is also light which gives you more control and as a result is a pleasure to use.

4 / 5Value for money

Built to last. You are investing in top performing quality and durability. If, however, you are after some knife art to look great on your kitchen wall look elsewhere.

The technical bits

  • Blade length200mm(Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total length330mm(Blade + Handle)
  • Blade height46mm(Measured from blade heel to spine)
  • Blade materialVG10 cutting edge, laminated in Stainless
  • Hardness60:62HRC
  • Handle styleWestern
  • Tang styleHalf
  • Left or right handedBoth

Our aim is to measure everything as accurately as possible but some specifications (such as hardness for example) are provided by the manufacturer and therefore should be used as a guide only.

What you get with the knife

Like the knife, the packaging will win no beauty competitions but you get a sturdy white box with a HUGE Fallkniven logo all over it. Inside your knife blade is teasingly hidden/covered by a card board sleeve.

All our knives also come with free blue plasters just in case you're not ready for the sharpness! If you intend to use your knives regularly then we don't advise you to use the boxes for day to day storage, get a magnetic knife rack instead.

What is a Chef knife?

The most important and frequently used knife in your kitchen. Versatile enough to take on 90% of the cutting work in your home or the pro kitchen. To any chef this knife is like an extra limb.

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Still need some advice choosing the right knife?

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