Dark brooding looks coupled with great performance and value for money makes this petty a real winner.

We all said "wow" when we first cast our eyes over this range of knives. The kurouchi finish on the blade is awesome; if you turn the knife upside down the finish on the edge just looks like a violent storm approaching, you can even see the whisps of clouds!

Being white number 1 steel this will be very reactive so will need wiping down after every use. The walnut one piece handle really contrasts nicely with the blade; it's slightly longer than other knives we sell which gives it a very elegant look, there is no ferrule on this handle either. All in all this is a great value knife and one that sells out very quickly after it has come back into stock.

This knife steel has some special care instructions: Caring for carbon Steel.

What we thought about this knife

We have personally tested and reviewed this knife to give you an honest and personal opinion about it and this is how it rates. Remember these scores are a reflection of the company these knives keep, all our knives are great (or we wouldn't sell them) but we can't give them all 5/5. A low score doesn't mean it's a poor knife, it just might be out-trumped by one of our other amazing knives.

4 / 5Overall performance

This will take a very sharp edge but white number 1 steel doesn't hold it as well as other steels.

5 / 5Beauty

The kurouchi finish and the walnut handle are beautiful. Konosuke are well known for their flawless fit and finish. This is a very well turned out knife.

4 / 5Durability

White number 1 steel is not as durable as other steels so will need regular sharpening to maintain that incredible edge. The steel is reactive too so needs careful cleaning.

4 / 5Ease of care

This is a fully reactive knife so will need a certain amount of attention after each use. This is not a knife you can leave wet!

4 / 5Comfort

Feels great in the hand, the handle is very comfortable, it's a touch heavier than some of our other ranges but that shouldn't be a problem unless you're chopping for hours.

5 / 5Value for money

This range is incredible value for money, its good looks and the fit and finish are truly out of this world.

The technical bits

  • Blade length144mm(Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total length286mm(Blade + Handle)
  • Blade height30mm(Measured from blade heel to spine)
  • Total weight72 grams
  • Blade materialWhite Steel

    This knife steel has some special care instructions: Caring for carbon Steel.

  • Hardness61:62HRC
  • Handle styleJapanese
  • Left or right handedBoth

Our aim is to measure everything as accurately as possible but some specifications (such as hardness for example) are provided by the manufacturer and therefore should be used as a guide only.

What you get with the knife

Elegant matt black box with a step inlay and the blade is covered in a hard black cardboard sheath.

All our knives also come with free blue plasters just in case you're not ready for the sharpness! If you intend to use your knives regularly then we don't advise you to use the boxes for day to day storage, get a magnetic knife rack instead.

Still need some advice choosing the right knife?

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