Masamoto VG Series - Santoku

Masamoto Sohonten have been making knives for over 150 years and are considered to be the leading sushi knife manufacturer in Japan. The quality and fit and finish of their knives is top notch.

Made from Hyper Molybdenum Vanadium and finished with a Duracon western handle these knives are made specially for the western market.

This is your classic 'every day' knife, the santoku translates as '3 uses' slicing, dicing and mincing. If we were to recommend a type of knife for your first purchase the santoku would be it. Made in the classic santoku shape with a 180mm blade length it's long enough to handle the bigger jobs and if you pair it with the petty 120mm you would be pretty much set up for almost anything!

Please note this knife is sharpened to a 70/30 edge.

Technical details

  • Blade Length 180mm (Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total Length 300mm (Blade + Handle)
  • Blade width 1.5mm (Measured where blade enters handle)
  • Blade height 44mm Heel to spine
  • Total weight 167 grams
  • Steel Type - Cutting edge Stainless
  • Left or Right handed Either
  • Hardness 59 HRC
  • Handle style Western

Our aim is to measure everything as accurately as possible but some specifications (such as hardness for example) are provided by the manufacturer and therefore should be used as a guide only.

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