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The minute you open the box you'll be in love with the unique hammered finish and the striking rosewood handle that combine to give a look that's definitely Japanese but with the comforting style of a rugged Western handle. 

It's a superb all rounder and if you're not rushing to buy it by the time you've finished reading we'd be amazed!

Pair it with an Oster Rob santoku saya to protect and secure it between uses. 


Out of the box, the knife benefits from Masutani-san's 30+ years of skill and experience as a sharpener and although you could get them sharper with a quick hone or pass over a whetstone we think for the excellent price point they're plenty sharp already and would be great in any kitchen. 


The hammer finish combined with the half-tang Western style handle mix Japanese blade style with the Western handle nicely and would look great on your knife rack and in the kitchen.

Each knife has a unique pattern so there's plenty of variety and you'll know nobody else has one quite the same as yours! 


There's some crossover between East and West with the handles on the Masutani knives - they feature a Western shape and style handle but instead of a more typical full tang and three rivets, they're designed to use a more typically Japanese half tang and only two rivets which helps to lower the weight of the knife and make it more responsive with a balance point further along the blade. 

The fit and shape of the handle is very comfortable and smoothly polished so it feels great in hand. 


You definitely won't have any issues with durability, the V1 is a solidly constructed and finished knife and the use of stainless cladding around the VG1 core means it will be easy to maintain and hone as you use it.

This knife will be a true workhorse in your kitchen for years to come. 

Ease of care

Quick rinse and dry and then store it either on your knife rack or in your drawer with a saya or blade guard (or even in the presentation box if you wish) and this knife will last you a lifetime.

Value for money

Absolutely incredible value for money.

At this price, you're getting a lot of skill and experience going into the making of the knife and the fit and finish are good. Out of the box it's already sharp but if you like, you could hone it further and you'd have a great knife for your collection or as a great present for a keen chef. 

We're already wondering why you've not added this to your basket! 

Product details

  • Blade Length: 170mm (Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total Length: 294mm (Blade + Handle)
  • Blade width: 1.8mm (Measured where blade enters handle)
  • Blade height: 46.5mm (Heel to spine)
  • Total weight: 136 grams
  • Steel Type - Cladding: Stainless
  • Steel Type - Cutting edge: VG1
  • Left or Right handed: Either
  • Hardness: 60 (HRC)
  • Handle style: Western
  • Handle material: Rosewood with 2 steel rivets

Our aim is to measure everything as accurately as possible but some specifications (such as hardness for example) are provided by the manufacturer and therefore should be used as a guide only.

What you get

Each knife comes with its own card presentation/storage box although we always suggest showing it off on a knife rack instead!

Blacksmith Profile


Made in Echizen, Masutani san's experience dates back many years both as a blacksmith and an excellent knife sharpener and his own ranges of knives combine elegant good looks and sharpness at a price point that is almost unbeatable for what they deliver.

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