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Sayas are wooden sheaves that hold the blade of your knife and protect its edge from damage and from damaging you. They can be made from a number of different wood types but all serve the same purpose. Knife storage can be trick to get right, if you've invested in a great knife you want to keep it sharp and protect that edge from any knocks or bangs and a Saya does that well. The box that our knives ship out in can be used short term but they tend to get battered and stained over time so thinking about how best to store your knives early avoids any damage to them or you.

Sayas are the more traditional way of storing a knife in Japan, if you ever have to move your knives then they offer great protection. If not then take a look at our magnetic knife racks if you want a storage solution for multiple knives.

Please note: Not all our knives fit into all the Sayas so please double check that your knife is listed on the description for Saya you want before purchase.

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Blade guard
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Oster Rob Sayas - Cutting Edge Knives
Oster Rob Saya - Petty Size

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