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White #1

White#1 steel that has been forged completely from scratch brings a raw beauty to these knives. If you're looking for your first carbon steel knife and want that patina then these are the knives for you!

These knives are pure carbon steel so if you're looking for a stainless option then maybe these aren't for you, but maybe you're looking for your first carbon steel knife at a price that won't break the bank, maybe you want to try developing a patina for the first time.

Either way you won't go far wrong with these, these are made solely by Nishida San using traditional methods so you're really buying a work of art.

The handles are oval cherrywood with a black plastic ferrule and HRC is 62:63.

Why buy this range

This is a new blacksmith to the UK market that is just begining to make his mark outside of Japan. He works completely on his own using traditional methods and shunning the use of pressed steel, preferring to do everything bar the handle himself.

What you get

Black cardboard box with red stepped inlay.