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Our selection of kitchen knives are all picked to be great performers but even the best need to be sharpened at some point. The hardened steels used in our knives mean that a standard sharpening steel literally won't cut it so we only stock diamond and ceramic sharpening steels/rods which are hard enough to give you a great edge with the minimum of work.

To maintain a great edge all the time use a ceramic once a week or so. If you are a bit lazy though, like me, then you can leave it much longer but you might need a diamond rod to help you quickly regain that edge then for the best edge finish off with a few strokes on a ceramic steel as well.

Just like our knives all our sharpeners have been tested and we only stock those we love. Any questions let us know.

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Break resistant Ceramic Honing Rod

Break resistant Ceramic Honing Rod £45.00

These ceramic rods are exclusive to Cutting Edge Knives in the UK! Their extremely fine finish gives an incredible sharpness but thanks to the handle, tip and core all being made of rubber, they're about as close to unbreakable as is possible with ceramic rods. We've dropped our test sharpener a few times and it's survived so it's great for a busy home or professional kitchen!

Fallkniven D12 Diamond Sharpening Steel

Fallkniven D12 Diamond Sharpening Steel £45.00

The oval shape increases surface area so fewer strokes are needed. The diamonds leave microscopic "teeth" on your blade which will cut faster. But for a longer life of your edge finish off with a few strokes with a ceramic rod. Great performance focused product at a great price.

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Ninja Lube

Ninja Lube

This is Camellia oil - the traditional protective oil for Japanese blades to prevent rust and corrosion. If you have a carbon steel blade (like our Koishi or Yuki ranges) then this is a nice addition to help keep them in tiptop condition. We have this specially imported from Japan. Simply wipe a few drops over the blade before storing or after cleaning, it will give it a nice protective film and a little bit of a shine too. Camellia oil is tasteless and odourless and won't taint your food in anyway. Samurai are meant to have used this same oil on their swords in times gone by, hence us nicknaming it "Ninja Lube" the instant it arrived.

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