Denka no Hoto (Wa handle) Range from Fujiwara
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Denka no Hoto (Wa handle) Range from Fujiwara

Incredible workmanship, materials and sharpness make this range one that performs at the highest level for years.

Made by Teruyasu Fujiwara

Master Blacksmith

Teruyasu San makes all his knives from scratch and completes the whole process himself, the quality, sharpness, hardness and edge retention of his knives is simply stunning.
Teruyasu Fujiwara

What You Get

A gold or grain patterned card storage box with black inlay and on the front - a photo of Teruyasu Fujiwara, as he makes every single knife you get to see the man himself.

You'll also get our normal knife care guide card and a couple of plasters just in case you have any little accidents!