Iron Clad Range from Kotetsu
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Iron Clad Range from Kotetsu

The Kotetsu range of exclusive lightweight chef knives, made from R2 powdered steel, blacksmithed by Ikeda san and hand sharpened individually by Shibata san. True works of art.

Made by Takayuki Shibata

Shibata san is one of the top knife sharpeners in Japan and his knife making skill extends to his own beautiful Kotetsu range.
Takayuki Shibata

What You Get

Wrapped in the day's local newspaper and safely encased in a stylish black storage box with a red inlay and a small note from the blacksmiths explaining that this range is how they prize art and functionality; efficient cutting tools over ones that are simply beautiful. These are both.

Along with the normal packaging, we of course include our usual plasters just in case you're not quite ready for how sharp these knives are!