Miscellaneous Seconds Masakage Koishi Bunka

Strikingly bold looks with a lovely feel and balance to this knife make it a great choice for an all round chef knife.

The Bunka combines the best of the Nakiri and Santoku shapes to create a visually interesting blade that performs excellently preparing both meat and vegetables.

~~ Why it's a second ~~ 

There are two minor blemishes on one side of the blade - See the final photo in the gallery above, other than this and the newspaper wrapping for the blade - the knife and handle are in new and unused condition and this represents an excellent deal for a high quality bunka from the Koishi range. 

Please note that knives from our seconds range are still covered by our 30 day money back policy although for obvious reasons, we are not able to offer exchanges for an alternative.

At a glance

We have personally tested and reviewed this knife to give you an honest and personal opinion about it and this is how it rates.

5 / 5 Performance

The "Bunka" is a very capable all round kitchen knife much like the Santoku but its slightly different shape lends itself well to more meat & fish prep. Like the rest of the range, the superb sharpness of the blade and comfort and light weight make this a great all rounder for the home or professional kitchen.

The technical bits

  • Blade length 165 mm (Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total length 308 mm (Blade + Handle)
  • Blade height 47 mm Heel to spine
  • Total weight 135 grams
  • Type Bunka

Our aim is to measure everything as accurately as possible but some specifications (such as hardness for example) are provided by the manufacturer and therefore should be used as a guide only.

What You Get

Given the one-off nature of seconds the packaging may vary in type and condition but we will include detail for each knife and of course as with all our knives we'll include the normal plasters and care tips card for you.

What is a Bunka knife?

A good general purpose knife that's a similar to a santoku or gyuto but with a more pronounced tip for intricate work.

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