Tog Knives

TOG Knives are the creation of Bristol-based industrial designer Bert Beagley-Brown.

We met Bert at a market in Slathwaite that had been curated by McNair mountain shirts. We were blown away by his knives but also by the story behind them. Years ago, Bert had the life-changing experience of working in Japan designing knives.

While he was there, he met Mr. Hiromune Takaba, a Samurai swordsmith in Seki City and saw first hand the work that went into producing a Samurai sword. Bert was inspired to work with craftsmen in Seki to try to create the best production kitchen knives in the world. TOG Knives are the result.

The essence of TOG Knives comes from Seki. However, Bert has optimised the design with the Western kitchen in mind. The knives use modern materials such as Norwegian Kebony maple and modern processes like laser etching as well as very traditional techniques.

The blades incorporate ten layers of antimicrobial copper which we love because they appear as orange stripes on the blades. As they are handmade, every TOG is unique and this is celebrated by an individual number being laser etched onto each blade.

Blade Copper Layers Closeup

TOG Knives is a new brand, having been launched at the end of 2013. Since then the knives have been adopted by some the the UK’s best chefs including Sat Bains, Phil Howard, Anthony Demetre, John Burton-Race, Adam Handling and Ollie Dabbous. They are the knives of choice on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and we think you’ll love them too.

Copper Alloy

Copper Alloy

TOG Knives is an exciting brand launched at the end of 2013. They combine traditional Japanese craft with Western design and production technology to create a striking range of knives.

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Made by Tog Knives

TOG Knives are produced in small batches in Seki City and virtually every stage of the process is carried out by hand by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world.

Tog Knives