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Caring for Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is often used in knives to give them an unbeatable sharpness. You do however need to give them just a little extra care to keep them in top shape. 

You will find over time that the blade changes in appearance slightly. Don't worry, it's a normal property of carbon steel! Think of it as ageing like a leather jacket.

Rust spots on your blade

When you use your knife, make an effort to wash it straight away (not in the dishwasher!) and dry it immediately. This stops the build up of little rust spots.

Rust spots on your knife are caused occasionally because it is not a stainless steel and as such they can happen but don't panic! Simply scrub them off with a brush and a little warm water and your blade will be undamaged. 

Your knife will not be damaged by rust spots as long as you scrub them off.

If you want to find out a little more about the unique properties of Carbon steel, read our Carbon Steel Knife Guide.

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