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How to hold a knife

We'd like to introduce you to the 'correct' way to hold the bulk of our knives. Once you've learned the 'pinch grip' we hope you'll become a convert like us and start educating your friends and family to how it's done.

When you see all these lovely handles on some of our knives you imagine what it would be like to hold them in the traditional style we all think of. Holding it like a hammer right?

The hammer grip
The classic hammer grip

This is a fine and dandy way to hold a knife but it has some limitations. You loose some dexterity as all the movement comes from the wrist and you are actually quite a long way from the business end of the knife, the blade. This means you loose some control, like trying to type on a keyboard with the end of a pencil, doable with practise but not as easy as using your finger and prone to mistakes. Mistakes with knives mean cut fingers or worst.

So, enter the 'pinch grip'. Simply grip the actual blade of the knife between thumb and index finger just in front of the bolster. You can use your middle finger too if you like up to you. 

The pinch grip
The pinch grip in action

Using this method give you much more control. You have more movement as your fingers can move the blade as well as your wrist. The blade feels part of your hand this way which gives you amazing control over the knife. It also makes the most of your knife blade, long knives become managable and usable using this grip too.

This grip really comes into its own with a sharp knife, luckily you are in the right place for finding those.

Give it a whirl and see what you think. It can take a little getting used to so feel free to revert to the hammer grip when no one is looking until you get the hand of it.

Pinch grip is perfect to use with Chef, Santuko and Nakiri knives. Stick to the hammer grip for Carving knifes and simply free style when using a paring knife using whatever is right for the job at hand.

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