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Powder Steel

Powder steel is currently the "cutting edge" of knife steel technology. Perfect mixtures of steel allow for amazingly sharp edges and edge retention. The ultimate top trump!

In the never ending quest for sharper knives, knife makers around the world are always looking for the next super metal that they can use. The latest one to come around is powder steel. Expect to see a lot more of it in the future.

Product Kotetsu Gyuto 210Mm

The Kotetsu Iron Clad Gyuto 210mm features a stainless, powdered R2 steel blade that lends itself to taking a very sharp edge and is hard enough to handle daily use without needing to worry about its strength.

Powder steels can be incredibly hard which allow them to take a really sharp edge and due to that hardness hold on to it, which means longer times between re-sharpening and more use for you.

Powder steel is formed by mixing very finely ground powders of the various metals required for the mix, compressing them into shape and then heating them to make them bond together. It allows for a near perfect mixure of all the different elements to ensure the end result is as good as current technologies will allow.

This is not the kind of steel made by old blacksmiths sprinkling metal powders around, this is specialist chemistry done under extremely strict conditions in "the lab" to produce the most "perfect" mixture of steel possible in modern times and technologies.

There are different mixes of powdered steel available some more stain resistant than others. For knife making they are all exceptional steels.

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