Brexit and EU customer orders

The transition period between the UK and the EU ends on 1st January 2021 and future business will be subject to a new Trade Agreement. Any orders placed by our customers for delivery outside the UK will be treated as an import to the delivery country and, may incur a customs charge before the item is released for final delivery.

There is still significant uncertainty in how the new Trade Agreement between the UK and our friends in the EU will work. Currently, it is not possible to provide exact information as each member state of the EU may impose differing levels of import tariffs and these charges are not yet available.

Therefore, we have taken proactive steps at Cutting Edge Knives. This will help provide the best level of certainty and customer service for our European customers.

We have taken this decision to allow you to see a more accurate final cost for your purchase from us during this initial period of uncertainty. We are making a modest increase to the cost of shipping which will help pay any additional customs fee. This means that we can avoid having to stop shipping to our many friends and customers in the EU.

Shipping to the EU from 29th December 2020

Any orders shipping to an address outside the mainland UK will now:

  • Have an increased price placed on the shipping fee - this is a flat rate fee based on the country you are shipping to and is shown clearly at checkout. For most EU countries, shipping of a standard size/weight order will now be £35.
  • If an import charge is levied on your order, Cutting Edge Knives will pay that charge up to a maximum of £35 per order - See below.

    Claiming a refund of customs charges

    It will be the customer's responsibility to pay any/all fee's to release their shipment. However, you merely have to send us a receipt/proof of such payment and, we will immediately issue a refund back to your original order payment method.

    This is applicable to all orders placed on or after 29th December 2020.

    EU orders placed before 29th December 2020

    Any order made before this date was placed in good faith that if it was shipped before 1st Jan 2021 there would be no customs fees and considered a normal EU shipment. We have taken the decision as a business to ship all the orders on this basis. So, if any customs charge is placed on your delivery, you will have to pay it to release your shipment for delivery. However, we will refund the cost of this charge if you send us a proof of payment receipt.

    There have been unforeseen circumstances related to the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK and significant delays with Royal Mail. That has meant some orders are either still in transit or, due to this lockdown, that will now ship on the 4th Jan 2021.

    Please email us a copy of the payment confirmation and your order reference number.

    This is only applicable to orders placed before 29th December 2020.

    Valuation and Documentation

    All our shipments will be clearly labelled as items sold for retail and the value on the relevant customs documentaion will be accurately declared. We will not label an item as a gift or under-declare the retail value on any shipment.

    Rejected orders returned to us

    When you place your order you are accepting the above terms for shipping to the EU while we wait on final terms for shipping. If you decide to reject an order that has been shipped under the terms above, we will refund your order minus the shipping fee as we do not get this back.


    If you have any questions about an EU shipment, please email and we will do our best to help.  Please understand this is a situation that is changing very quickly.  Not all the information we need is currently available to answer everything with 100% certainty however, we're doing our best to provide the service we strive for.

    We will be reviewing the shipping and charges on a regular basis as more information becomes available and providing updates on this page and our Instagram and Facebook as soon as we can.

    All other shipping, returns and terms and conditions remain the same.