Coronavirus statement.

Update - 5th November 2020

Sadly since the last update the virus situation has got worse in the UK and we are now in a nationwide lockdown until 2nd December 2020.

For us, we are still operating as normal as we're online only so there is no shop location that is impacted and we're replying to enquiries and shipping orders as normal on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays. 

Please be aware however that as we begin to edge towards Christmas with so many more people shopping exclusively online that delivery times might be impacted as demand on couriers grows more by the week. DPD Local who we use for all orders over £50 have been exceptionally fast and reliable throughout this crisis and we thank all their drivers for their hard work. 

We've worked hard to increase stock levels in preparation for Christmas but please be aware that many people are beginning to shop for gifts already and anything that is low on stock numbers is potentially unlikely to be back in stock until after Christmas.

Update - 16/07/2020

Lockdowns are easing in the UK and we're glad to see many friends and customers are able to get back to work. We've had some significant amounts of stock now arrive and are on sale and we're continuing to work and ship orders as normal. 

Update - 19/05/2020

We are continuing to operate from home and courier collections are continuing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so orders are still reaching our customers quickly and efficiently with DPD Local. 

Stock resupply from blacksmiths taking a little longer than normal but we are expecting a major resupply of many ranges by mid-June.

Update - 24/03/2020

Following the statement from the PM last night we decided to move everything and be totally home-based for the current period. This means no travelling for us and we have changed the courier pickup to reflect this. This means we can still offer you everything we did before but much safer. The only difference is courier collections will be Mon, Weds & Fri. Please contact us with any questions and should anything change going forward we will inform you straight away. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can keep up to date also. Thanks for your understanding and stay safe.


We want to keep all our customers up to date with what is happening with Cutting Edge Knives during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Firstly, we pride ourselves on our speed of delivery, we are known for it and whilst we don’t want that to change, realistically it will have to due to circumstances out of our control. At the moment we aren’t aware of any delays with domestic courier orders but know that there might be some in areas such as France, Spain and others that are on lock down.

Secondly, we are home working as much as possible and our intention is to get the orders processed 3 days a week at the very least so please be aware of this when ordering. If you place your order on a Monday lunchtime, it might not be processed until Weds morning. Of course we don’t like keeping people waiting so we’re fluid on this and providing we aren’t struck down with the virus this is how we will continue.

We also want to reassure that we take hygiene very seriously, we are wiping down all surfaces before orders are wrapped, our hands are washed frequently and we have hand sanitizer on the wrapping desk which is used before we tackle the orders.

Whilst all this is going on we really encourage you to shop local and shop with the little guys, the ones who haven’t got a big corporation to fall back on, otherwise they might not be there when all this is over. Several of our local restaurants are doing takeaway services so that’s what we will be doing this weekend instead of our usual eating out. Also our local convenience shop seems to be better stocked than the supermarket so that’s where our business is going day to day. Our heart goes out to any of you affected by this, a lot of our customers are in the restaurant trade so believe us when we say we are trying to encourage everyone to support you.

So at the moment nothing much is changing apart from there might be a slight delay in order delivery but only by a day or two. Please bear with us and we will update as and when anything changes. Stay safe!