Daisuke Nishida

Nishida San forges these beautiful knives in Kumamoto using White#1 steel completely by hand. Based in Kumamoto, he became a disciple to another blacksmith when he was 19 and after 9 years of training, in 2006, he went on his own way and set up his workshop.

He uses solely White #1 steel which is difficult to forge and it's said only the best blacksmiths can forge White #1 well. His methods are very traditional and he forges completely from scratch with no help from anyone except for the handles so you are buying a piece of art essentially composed by one person.

White #1

White #1

White#1 steel that has been forged completely from scratch brings a raw beauty to these knives. If you're looking for your first carbon steel knife and want that patina then these are the knives for you!

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Made by Daisuke Nishida

Based in Kumamoto, Nishida San became a disciple to another blacksmith when he was 19. After 9 years training, in 2006, he went his own way and opened his own workshop. He works with White #1 steel in the traditional hand-made way.