My order failed

When you place an order it has to go through several processes before the order completes. First your bank has to check that your account has enough money and if so it will set aside the amount needed and mark it as 'pending' until all the processes are complete.

Important to note, the money doesn't actually leave your account even though it looks like it has, it's just reserved.

Next it goes to the payment system, (in our case if you haven't chosen PayPal it is Stripe) which then checks various things such as address, CVC code, country, IP address etc. If this passes then the order is sent to us and we receive the money. If however this fails for whatever reason, the transaction goes no further and we don't receive the order or the money.

Your bank will then revert the 'pending' funds back to being available but it can take several working days depending on your bank.

This is why sometimes it looks like you've paid for something twice. It is however, a standard practice from your bank to help protect you and unfortunately something that is out of our hands.

If you have any doubts, please contact your bank directly to confirm with them directly.

What next?

Simply go back on the site and place your order again and ensure you pay close attention to the billing information you enter, often browser autocorrect is the reason addresses get input incorrectly. 

When your order is successful, you will receive a confirmation email from us.