Pre-ordering items

Japanese chef knives are wonderful because often they're made in very small numbers and they're not always in stock or available at short notice. 

It all adds to the enjoyment of finally owning that special knife but we do appreciate the frustration of not knowing when something might be back in stock when you've done your research, you've found the knife you want but it's not available. 

As such, we're working with the blacksmiths and suppliers of the Japanese knives we do stock to try and where we can provide a reliable lead time and stock quantity, we are enabling you to pre-order certain knives. 

There are unfortunately some suppliers and ranges where the lead times are so long and change so often we will not offer pre-ordering on these items and these will continue to show as out of stock and with the normal product notification email prompt.

Pre-ordering terms

  • We will provide our best estimate for when an item will be available along with the expected quantity we have on order but this may be subject to delay or delay depending on customs and shipping 
  • Pre-ordered items will be payable at the full price listed at the time of purchase
  • You can request a full refund if you no longer wish to wait at any time, just email us
  • Our 30 day money back promise begins at the time of the physical dispatch of your order
  • Where possible if you've ordered items in stock and on pre-order we'll dispatch whatever is available and your pre-ordered items will follow
  • Any discounts and sales are applicable at the time of purchase and any subsequent sales or offers will not be retrospectively applied

We hope this will help our customers secure knives we know are on order and due from our suppliers in a much less stressful and time consuming manner and if you have any other questions please do get in touch.