Sharpening Japanese Knives

It's better to take regular care of your knife to keep the edge in great condition rather than leave it without being sharpened for long periods.

You can't use a regular steel honing rod on Japanese knives, typically the steel in the knives we sell is harder than the steel used in a cheap "supermarket" sharpening rod so it simply won't do anything and you risk damaging your knife.

Honing rods are best used for regular touching up of the edge - often we suggest once a week for knives used regularly. Most Japanese knives are sharpened to an angle of around 15 or 16 degrees.

How to use a ceramic honing rod

This video offers some good guidance tips on using a honing rod to keep your edge in tip top condition.

Diamond honing rods

If your knife has blunted a little more than you'd like, it might be that you need to get that edge shape back with a diamond honing rod before using a ceramic one to finish up. If that's the case - Pete's got some tips for you below.

Sharpening stones

Really looking to get the ultimate edge on your knives? You're going to have to spend a little time and use a set of whetstones to get the absolute best result.

It's an enjoyable part of owning and working with Japanese knives and the satisfaction from a job well done is worth the effort and it's not as hard as you might think.

For a finer finish, we recommend using whetstones to give your knives the best edge possible. These are available in a range of grits from #220 (Coarse) up to #10000 (Very fine). 

If you do have any further questions about sharpening or looking after your knives please do get in touch.