Takeo Murata

Great looks and value for a perfect introduction to the world of Japanese chef knives. The hammer finished two tone (black through to silver edge) steel used in the Buho knives is very similar to our popular Masakage Koishi range but at a quarter of the price.

We get lots of enquiries about the best way to start collecting and using Japanese knives and one of the first things a lot of people are sometimes concerned about is the initial investment in a high quality knife.

The thing we're most excited about with the Buho is the exceptional value for money it offers. It's got the looks, it's got many of the properties and a great level of sharpness on the cutting edge but gives those who are considering investing in Japanese knives a real chance to do so without breaking the bank.



A very affordable range that offers great looks and a famously well ground edge that would be a perfect introduction to the look and feel of Japanese knives at a price we sometimes can't believe!

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Made by Takeo Murata

Takeo Murata is a blacksmith from Kochi Japan who began his apprenticeship at 16 in 1965 and is famed for his craftsmanship and the balance of his knives.