The knife maker's steel of choice. Takes and holds an edge better than just about any other steel currently used in manufacturing knives.

What makes VG10 so good? VG10, the G stands for "gold" a good start already, can be heat treated to make it very hard (62+ on the Rockwell scale of hardness is within reach) and it's very strong and stain resistant. What that means is it's just about perfect for making kitchen knives which stay sharp for a very long time.

Fallkniven use it in just about all their knives as their preferred steel and it lends itself to making very good knives. A lot of the Japanese knives use VG10 for their cutting edge too.

Minimal sharpening maintenance is required as it holds its edge so long you have to sharpen them less frequently. As it is super hard make sure you get the right tackle for the job when sharpening time comes around. Invest in a ceramic or diamond sharpener as the old standard metal sharpening steels will barely touch it.