Why we only sell knife racks

Not sure if you noticed but we really love kitchen knives, which is why we only sell knife racks that look after them. Here is our logic for that choice.

We get quite a few people asking for advice on which knife block they should buy. Our short answer is don't buy one. We don't stock knife blocks as we are not a big fan of them, they are normally ugly as sin and a bit of a left-over from early 90s dream kitchen and Argos' wish lists.

Then there are the practical points. They are not the best way to store your knives, they tend to blunt the blades as they normally get dragged over the wood every time. They are the perfect spot for growing nasties which can help spread food poisoning due to just plain nasty looking gunk that's next to impossible to clean out.

So with that in mind we only stock magnetic knife racks. Not just any though, we stock amazing MagBloks. These are hand-made in the good old US of A. They look great and come in a number of different types of wood to match your kitchen. As it's just a block of wood it doesn't get much easier to clean than that, no hidden nooks or crannies, simply wipe it clean.

The secret of these blocks is the hidden magnets buried in the wood. These are super strong industrial things of wonder and they hold the knives firmly on the rack and pull them close with a nice slapping noise yet you don't need to be Chuck Norris to remove them either. The clever bit about using wood is that unlike metal magnetic racks it protects the blade from chipping or scratching, metal on metal is a no no (sorry Anvil fans). Finally they just look really cool!

To keep them in tip top form we recommend a stick of our block butter which is also great to use on chopping boards too. It's a food grade beeswax mix you just rub on (go easy you don't need much). You also receive a free one in every MagBlok you buy!

So there you go, that's why we only stock racks, they're the best equipment for the job in our opinion. Same logic for all our choices.