Hatsukokoro Kirameki Iron Pan

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The Kirameki pans have a unique "magma plate" which produces fine irregularities on the surface of both the inside and the outside of the pans. These irregularities increase the surface area to improve heat conduction, allowing the pans to heat up quickly and evenly.

The surface irregularities also provide the pans with exceptional non-stick qualities and do not require much oil for cooking. With the superior heat conduction, food can be cooked quickly to maintain its taste and texture as well trace amounts of iron will be transferred to the food providing additional health benefits.

The more you use this pan, the less likely it is to burn. Additionally, there is a transparent silicone coating to prevent rusting of these carbon steel pans.

✅ Induction hob friendly
✅ Already seasoned

Care instructions

Before first use, please wash in warm soapy water with a soft cloth or brush, never use an abrasive scrubber.

We recommend using the pan on a medium heat - they heat up very fast and when finished, do not put the hot pan straight in water, allow it to cool before washing to avoid risk of warping or damage.

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