Koutetsu Type 3 AS Gyuto 240mm

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A knife capable of every job in the kitchen but with the lightness you'd expect of a much shorter knife.

The Aogami super blue ensures that the edge will last for a long time between sharpens and the stainless cladding means that it won't need as much care as a full carbon blade.

Like his other range, the Iron Clad these knives are spectacularly sharp out of the box which given that he is one of the best sharpeners in Japan is no surprise.

First Impressions

Top marks - So sharp out of the box, light, and will fly through any amount of prep work you can throw at it.


These knives have a beautiful shape, very simple and stylish with no decoration beyond the engraved kanji on the brushed finish. You'll love these if you like understated beauty.

In Hand

The lightweight blade and comfortable traditional octagonal wa handle work well as you'd expect but it's also nice to see a real level of care and attention taken to round off the edges along the spine and around the heel of the knife. 

Often that's something that's not always done on Japanese knives but it's little touches like this that elevate the Kotetsu knives and makes them so highly coveted.


The super blue core hardened to approximately 63-64 is going to provide a durable and robust edge and while the extremely thin grind and hardness will mean you might need to ensure your cutting technique is precise, this is a blade that with care and normal maintenance is designed and expected to last many years.

Ease of Care

As long as you follow the normal care instructions for Japanese knives you can expect this knife to serve you for many years. 

We would recommend using a drop or two of camellia oil periodically to help protect the carbon steel core.

Our Verdict

The high quality blade and handle perform well and combined look the part without breaking the bank. If you're looking for performance at a very reasonable price then the AS is for you.

Over the last few years, knives from the Koutetsu ranges have become quite collectable due to the scarcity of the supply and its excellent performance and price point.

Product Quick View

Want to see a little more of the knife? Check out what the knife looks like in hand and up close.

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Meet the maker

Takayuki Shibata

Shibata san is one of the top knife sharpeners in Japan and his ranges are famed for the quality of sharpness and finish.

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