International shipping and import charges

We are based in the UK and do offer international shipping to the EU and selected other countries and now the UK is no longer a member of the EU please be aware of the various shipping terms before completing your order for delivery outside the UK.

Obviously we do our best to advise and help but shipping internationally is not quite the same as within the UK.

Shipping internationally - Your VAT and Import charges

All orders shipped outside the UK are sent DDU (Delivery Duties Unpaid) and:

  1. All products prices on the site are shown with UK VAT of 20% applied, if you select a delivery address outside the UK this will be removed at checkout and the final price of your order will have no UK VAT included
  2. International postage is a flat fee as shown at checkout for your order
  3. Your items will be processed by the customs of the delivery country where they will charge the VAT rate of that particular country and most likely also an import fee
  4. The customer is fully responsible for any and all customs fees and VAT charges and will need to pay the customs department before they release your order for delivery.

Please note that we have no control over the speed of local customs processing and it can vary significantly from country to country so please be patient when chasing your order if its status shows as being assessed by customs.

EU Orders after 1st July 2021

Due to the complex and large scale of the new IOSS scheme being implemented for EU shipments, it's not efficient for us to change how we operate and as such, please note that your order will still be shipped under the terms above and you will be responsible for payment of the VAT in your country and any import fees. 

How much are the fees on my order going to be?

We can't tell you unfortunately, this is what makes it difficult but as a general guide, typically you will be expected to pay the VAT rate of your country along with an import fee if your order is over a certain value.

Please note that the prices on the website until you check out do show UK VAT so this is removed during the checkout process.

You can use this Import Duty Calculator to try and get an idea of cost but please note this is simply an estimate and final costs may vary. Please use "HS Code" 82119100. 

Valuation and Documentation

All our shipments will be clearly labelled as items sold for retail and the value on the relevant customs documentaion will be accurately declared. We will not label an item as a gift or under-declare the retail value on any shipment.

Rejected orders returned to us

When you place your order you are accepting the above terms for shipping outside the UK. If you decide to reject an order that has been shipped under the terms above because the import fees are not acceptable, we will refund your order when the items are returned minus any shipping or return fee as we do not get this back.

Will you ship to my country?

As standard we currently ship to UK, EU and USA addresses but we do have customers in other countries and will ship to most countries if they're not listed in checkout but please contact us first as shipping costs vary significantly across the world. If you would like us to give you a quote for shipping to a country not listed, please email us with the items you would like to order and your full shipping address and we can advise you further.


If you have any questions about an international shipment, please email and we will do our best to help.