Caring for your knives

With a few easy care tips, your knife will last you a lifetime. Here's how to make the most of it. 

1. Never put it in a dishwasher

Rinse with warm water and wipe dry after use and it'll look great for years. Chemicals and heat in the dishwasher can potentially cause damage.

2. Always cut on a wooden chopping board

Don't cut on a glass board and avoid plastic boards too, at best they will blunt your knife very quickly and in some cases might lead to your knife chipping.

3. Avoid hacking at bone, frozen food or dense vegetables

Extremely thin blades are designed to slice not twist or hack so take care with your cutting action.

4. Regular honing is best

It's easier to keep a sharp blade sharp than to bring it back from being blunt. Once every week or so, give your knife a few strokes on a ceramic honing rod to keep the edge razor sharp. If it goes blunt, use a diamond rod or a #400 stone to resharpen then finish with a ceramic rod or high grit stone.

5. Show off your knife

We recommend storing your knife on a magnetic wooden rack, not in a drawer or knife holder. It won't get knocked against other items and you get to show it off in the kitchen when you're not using it!


Printable care tips

Want something to refer to quickly or keep with your knife box? You can also download our care tips sheet (4mb PDF file) and print it out at home.