Everything we sell is great!

When we test and write about a knife or range, unlike many other shops we don't just rely on pasting manufacturer blurb - we try our best to provide you with an honest description and share our thoughts and impressions of a knife, range or accessory. 

We break our reviews down into easy to digest snippets covering our first impressions, beauty or how the knife looks (aesthetics are important too!), what it feels like in your hand (we check every one!), the overall durability of the steels used, the ease of their care (carbon steels require more care than stainless) and then an overall verdict. 

You'll find that we're pretty enthusiastic about the knives we choose to stock and one of the reasons we carry a relatively small range of products is to ensure that the overall quality of everything remains high.

You're shopping with us because you're looking for a quality product and it's our mission to give you enough information and guidance to make that choice and buy something you're going to be using and love for many years.

That said, if you'd like a bit more help or advice in choosing a knife, we've written a crash course to buying the knife guide for you.