Stock updates

We specialise in finding a great selection of hand crafted Japanese kitchen knives but as their popularity soars with our customers, the limited nature of the product and the time they take to make can lead to some slow lead times for new stock and a lot of enquiries.

The lead times for many knives is months and with some blacksmiths and workshops we have to order more than year in advance so having items out of stock for extended periods is unfortunately just the nature of the product.

Our aim is to constantly broaden the range of products we sell while keeping the quality as high as possible so while the knife you're currently interested may not be available, don't discount one of our other knives in the meantime.

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If you want an at-a-glance view of all the knives we have and refine by knife type, blacksmith, core steel, finish, price and more.

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Can you tell me as soon as stock arrives?

Yes of course. There are a few ways to stay up to date:

If you'd like to be notified when a specific knife comes back into stock - you can add your email by clicking the "Notify me" button on that knife. We send one email per knife and never use that email for marketing, it's just for stock notification.

Why do we keep knives on display if they're not in stock?

We know some stores don't display a product if it's not in stock right now but after years of speaking with new and repeat customers, many people are willing to wait for one of the knives we sell on the site because they appreciate that the blacksmiths who make these knives are only able to supply small amounts and  the wait is worth it.

It also means you can sign up for a stock notification for a particular knife so as soon as it does come back into stock we can send you a notification.

If you're keen to see us stock a knife or range that we don't currently have or want to know when a specific knife is due back in stock, contact us any time and we can try and give an estimate for restock.

Newest stock arrivals

Please check out our newest arrivals update page here for the latest new products we've added to the site.