Frequently Asked Questions


Hard to say sometimes! With handmade knives the timescale can be several weeks or months.

We recommend you enter your email on the product page you're interested in and we'll send you a one-time email to notify you as soon as the item is available again. 

Depending on what you like, we can try. We keep a small selection of ranges we've personally tested and recommend but we're always keen to hear from our customers and visitors about other blacksmiths and knives so contact us and let's have a chat.


Please refer to our shipping page for dispatch and delivery times.

You will receive an email from our courier DPD Local once your parcel has been scanned upon pickup, this will include a link where you can see the status of your order and change various things to suit such as alternative address, date of delivery change, special instructions etc. If you have provided a mobile number you should receive updates via text too.

If for any reason you wish to return a knife to us, please contact us and we'll advise on the best way to return it.

We inspect every knife and accessory before posting so if something has arrived and has been damaged in transit, please do not use it and get in touch and we can arrange a return and replacement. Keep all the packaging as you can use it to return the item to us. 

Care and repair

Many Japanese knives are not made of stainless steels and can from time to time get rust spots on the blade. Don't worry!

These can normally be scrubbed off with a little warm water but if you have got a more serious amount of rust on the blade, we recommend laying it flat on a worktop and squeezing some lemon juice over it and allow it to sit on the blade for 5 minutes. 

You should then be able to scrub the rust off. This may need repeating if your blade is particularly rusty. 

It can happen over extended use that tiny chips can appear on your blade. Often these don't affect overall performance but if you're concerned they can normally be repaired with a sharpening stone and honing rod. 

Large chips and dents in the blade often require a regrind or reprofiling of the knife to repair.

We no longer offer an in-house repair service but you are welcome to contact Leo at Proknifesharpe via his Instagram page and provides an exceptional service.

We include some basic tips on a card in each order but if you'd like to find out more about general knife care, check out our care section for lots more information.

For more information about sharpening Japanese knives using either honing rods or whetstones, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


When you place an order it has to go through several processes before the order completes. First your bank has to check that your account has enough money and if so it will set aside the amount needed and mark it as 'pending' until all the processes are complete. Important to note, the money doesn't actually leave your account even though it looks like it has, it's just reserved.

More information can be found here