Order security and fraud protection

For both your security and ours, sometimes our website payment provider will identify an order as requiring additional information or detail from you. This is an automated process and one that can be triggered by many different things when an order has been placed.

It may be that your bank has notified us that multiple attempts have been made or that a shipping address doesn't match up with a payment or one of many other automated security checks. As such, we may request additional identification from you before we're able to complete your order.

This is a step to provide protection to you as a customer and avoid any fruadlent orders potentially being placed with your payment details.

If an order is highlighted as requiring additional security checks on our system we will email you directly and will require one of the following forms of ID before we can process your order.

Failure to respond to the request within 3 days or inability to provide the required ID will unfortunately mean we will cancel your order. 

Accepted forms of ID for order validation

  • Photo of driving licence showing the same address as your order billing address
  • Photograph of alternative photo ID (passport) along with a photograph of a utility bill (gas/electric/council tax) showing the billing address 

If you are able to provide these by email we will be able to process your order and delete the ID after 28 days from the shipping date.

Cancellation of orders

In some extreme cases an order will be automatically cancelled by our system. This happens when our payment processor flags an order as particularly high risk and our policy is to not fulfil these orders as orders of this status are not covered by our insurance policy.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in keeping fraudulent orders in check.