Chef's knife (Gyuto)

Traditionally the most important and frequently used knife in a western kitchen. Versatile enough to take on 90% of the cutting work in your home or the pro kitchen. To any chef this knife is like an extra limb.

Why is the gyuto so important in the kitchen?

  • It's long enough to handle larger vegetable chopping jobs
  • The blade has many different profiles/curves along it's length to give you a choice of options for different situations
  • Over all there is a nice gentle curve to the blade which lends itself to a good rocking motion on the chopping board which ensures (with some practice) that at least one part of the blade is in contact with the board at anyone time. This makes finely chopping herbs etc. easier
  • The pointed tip allows you to do some delicately work where needed
  • Sturdy enough to crush garlic, seeds, nuts etc

In short, it's the all round wonder knife. 

Make a good chef's knife the top of your shopping list.