Are Japanese chef knives "worth it"?

When we talk to people in our day to day lives and tell them we sell Japanese chef knives it's always a fun topic of conversation but inevitably for the average person, the topic eventually turns to one thing - the price of a knife and "are they worth it?"

Obviously there's a natural bias from us here and the answer is going to be a resounding "YES!" but here's why in case you think we might be a little biased. 

For most people, their only experience of chef knives is somewhere in the range of cheap knife from a supermarket that kind of does the job but how often do you see someone effectively sawing through a piece of food rather than actually cutting it?! 

The difference between that and a quality Japanese chef knife is significant and noticeable from the first time you use it.

Customer review

That first cut is something you'll never forget - we sometimes call it the "holy sh*t moment" because it's so unlike what you've probably experienced in the past with cheaper knives.

This sort of reaction has been something our customers and Japanese knife fans have shared all the time and it's great to see and hear!

When you invest in a Japanese knife, you're investing in a new level of performance, steel quality, edge retention and just as important in many cases - a work of art made by some of the most skilled craftsmen around. 

Are Japanese chef knives worth it?