The best way to store your Japanese knives

When it comes to storing your Japanese knives, you need to make sure they're well protected - both from accidental knocks and to also make sure they don't inadvertantly harm anyone too! 

Our range of storage racks & guards are designed fall roughly into two categories - showing them off and tidying them away between uses. 

Protecting your blades

Knife racks & stands

A magnetic rack or stand is the best way to store knives in easy reach and show them off when not in use. A rack or stand is obviously most useful because it should allow you to position your knives where you can easily access them and also make them into a feature in your kitchen.

➡️ 40cm walnut magnetic knife rack

The racks and blocks we stock all feature quality woods - most typically walnut or oak and in some cases have protective materials over the face of them such as leather or soft touch neoprene and help further reduce impact when you put your knives back. 

➡️ Piotr the Bear leather and walnut knife block (Various sizes available)

Because the steel on your Japanese knife is very hard and thin, we recommend avoiding racks made of metal where possible, the potential for impact damage is much higher and they're less forgiving when it comes to scratching your blades.

Saya, guards and knife rolls

Not everyone is able fit a rack to a wall (rented accommodation for example) or fit a block on their worktop - perhaps there's just not quite enough space. This means storing your knives in a drawer or cupboard between uses is the only option. 

You might also work in kitchen and travel around with your knives so the best storage options we recommend are a combination of saya/guards and ideally, a knife roll

➡️ Cutting Edge Knives Waxed Canvas Knife Roll

If you're storing your knives individually in a drawer perhaps - a saya or guard is a great option and typically, a wooden saya is the ultimate choice because the wood helps take any moisture from a blade but we do also recommend both leather and plastic guards as affordable options too.

If you're travelling to and from work then a knife roll is a great option, most store half a dozen or more of your daily knives and often have space in each knife slot to protect the blade with a guard or saya too so no pointy ends to poke out! 

What not to do!

❌ Leave your knives on the draining board

❌ Metal knife racks

❌ Put them in a drawer without a guard or saya