The yanagiba is a traditional Japanese knife primarily used for slicing raw fish, particularly in the preparation of sushi and sashimi. It is one of several specialized Japanese knives designed for specific culinary tasks.

It is characterised by its long, thin, and single-edged blade which is sharpened on one side only, with the opposite side being flat. This asymmetrical design allows for incredibly precise and clean cuts when slicing through delicate ingredients like fish ensuring smooth and uniform slices. The sharp edge minimizes damage to the flesh, preserving the texture and flavor of the fish.

Unlike the sujihiki, a yanagiba is typically thicker and heavier and the single bevel design is even sharper which allows for even smoother cuts. If you are looking for a general slicer/carving knife, we recommend a double bevel sujihiki.

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Tadafusa Hocho Kobo Yanagiba 210mm
Tadafusa Hocho Kobo Yanagiba 210mm
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Hado Shirogami #2 Yanagiba 240mm
Hado Shirogami #2 Yanagiba 240mm
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Masamoto KS Yanagiba 240mm (White #2)
Masamoto KS Yanagiba 240mm (White #2)

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