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We're delighted to present the "Sheffield Seven" - an extremely limited run of just 7 pairs of petty and gyuto knives sold together and commissioned by us and made and finished entirely by hand in Simon's Sheffield workshop.

Please note: This set has now sold out and will never be available again due to the unique nature and combination of materials commissioned. To hear more about Simon's knives when we have them, please sign up to our newsletter.

Sheffield is a historic knife, cutlery and tool making city and the name "Sheffield Steel" is known around the world and so when we approached Simon to commission a set of knives, we wanted to make an ultra limited run of 7 to tie in with the seven hills the city of Sheffield is built on and to forge blades that use materials in the cladding and handles that have their origins within the city and so when you use these sensational knives, you're enjoying a Japanese style blade made with a tribute to the local skills of Sheffield artisans too.

These knives will be a stunning central point in any knife user or collectors kitchen!

First Impressions

The superb pair of knives are an extremely limited run of just 7 pairs comprising a 115mm petty and 215mm gyuto hand forged forged in a san-mai technique with a carbon steel C130 core clad in wrought iron from Sheffield Heeley Estate.

The wrought iron cladding material was originally used for the fences around the estate and has been forged to shape for use as the cladding for just for these knives. It was probably originally made in Sheffield around 1800-1850 although we can't be absolutely certain of the exact date.

The deliberate choice of making a cladding from material local to Simon's workshop is both a tribute to the Sheffield area and a nod to Simon's own philisophy of efficiency and creating minimal waste in the making of his knives.


Both knives feature a rustic kurouchi finish of great depth and a lovely hazy kasumi finish made with a combination of Shobudani and Aizu natural stones and finally stropping to expose the core steel.

In Hand

Along with locally sourced cladding, the handles fitted to both knives are also both sourced from Ecclesall Woods.

From 1600 to the early 1800s the Woods were managed as 'coppice with standards', and divided into various compartments that were rented out. During this period Ecclesall Woods were key to Sheffield's industrial development. Charcoal made here was used for smelting iron; white coal was for smelting lead.

This is why both handles are made with a burnt finish.

Gyuto Handle: Burnt English Oak, finish wax + linseed oil (Quercus robur)
Petty Handle: Burnt Sweet chestnut, finish wax + linseed oil (Castanea sativa)

The handles are friction fitted and "glued" with a cutler cement. This allows the possibility to remove the handle for some maintenance and further polishing on the blade. Just need to warm the tang and push it back inside the handle.

The cutler cement is the old method for gluing handles and tangs. It was use extensively in Sheffield before modern glue. The cutler cement is a mix of bee wax, pine resin and wood dust.

The petty weighs 52g and the gyuto is 156g.


These knives are designed to be durable and easy to maintain with their friction fit handles and C130 high carbon core that offers excellent edge retention.

Ease of Care

Follow our carbon steel care tips and for longer term maintenance a carbon steel care kit provides all the tools required to keep these knives in top condition. 

Our Verdict

It's a pleasure to bring this collection of knives to you and we've enjoyed the process of working with Simon to decide on materials and just as importantly - the tribute to Sheffield craft and knife making to create this stunning pair of knives. 

Both boast exceptional edges finished on natural stones and the as a daily driver, the gyuto is thin behind the edge offering some of the smoothest cutting of any knives we've sold and this is complimented perfectly by the mid-sized petty ideal for the more intricate jobs. 

There will be just 7 lucky knife owners or collectors somewhere in the world who will be able to enjoy these fabulous knives. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Product Quick View

Want to see a little more of the knife? Check out what the knife looks like in hand and up close.

Product details

  • Blade Length: Petty 115mm & Gyuto 215mmmm (Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total Length: Petty 237mm & Gyuto 366mmmm (Blade tip to handle end)
  • Blade Height: Petty 23.7mm & Gyuto 47.6mmmm (Heel to spine)
  • Blade Thickness: Petty 3.21mm & Gyuto 4.04mmmm (Spine width above the heel)
  • Core Steel: C130
  • Cladding Steel: Soft Iron
  • Hardness: 62-63 (HRC)
  • Handle Style: Japanese
  • Left or Right handed: Either (Double Bevel)

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Some measurements such as HRC are provided by manufacturers and should therefore be used as a guide.

Protection & care for this knife

We recommend the 135mm petty and wide fit 210mm gyuto magnolia saya for these knives.

Saya & Guards Knife Racks & Storage Sharpening & Blade Care

Meet the maker

Simon Maillet

A talented French blacksmith based in the historic home of British knife and tool making - Sheffield, UK. Simon has a wonderful eye for mixing traditional Japanese blade making techniques with locally sourced materials and creating blades with excellent grinds and cutting performance.

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