Tsunehisa AUS10 Tsuchime Gyuto 240mm

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A great combination of thin grind, durable and easy to care for steel with wonderful looks thanks to the polished hammer finish this well balanced mid sized gyuto is a great everyday knife for any kitchen.

First Impressions

This is an impressively thin knife and out of the box the sharpness is already great, there's easily scope to take it further if you wanted to but it's a wonderful start.


There's no question that when you open the box and take the knife out of the protective wrap of Japanese newspaper it's a great looking piece of work. 

The single piece octagonal enju wood from the Japanese pagoda tree is a simple but stylish one and the polished hammer finish tapering down to the damascus layering and AUS10 are again quite understated but offer plenty of visual interest for those who want both performance and looks.

In Hand

The octagonal wa handle is light and comfortable and the spine and heel area of the blade has been nicely finished and rounded to be more comfortable if you're using a pinch grip and the balance point does vary according to the size and style of the blade but again feels well placed and nimble when in use.


The stainless cladding and AUS10 core are robust, take and hold an edge well and so it's ideal for anyone who doesn't want to spend time maintaining a carbon steel knife. 

AUS10 is widely used because it strikes a nice balance of flexibility to avoid chipping easily but hard enough to retain a good edge.

Ease of Care

This is a no-fuss, easy to care for knife. Just follow our care instructions and use your ceramic honing rod regularly and sharpen with a whetstone when required.

Our Verdict

The AUS10 Tsuchime is great value for money. 

An impressively thin and consistent edge from Tsunehisa combined with a easy to care for stainless steel and stunning looks. It's definitely a firm favourite!

Product Quick View

Want to see a little more of the knife? Check out what the knife looks like in hand and up close.

Product details

  • Blade Length: 246mm (Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total Length: 398mm (Blade tip to handle end)
  • Blade Height: 48.3mm (Heel to spine)
  • Blade Thickness: 1.95mm (Spine width above the heel) 1.83mm (Measured halfway along spine) 0.73mm (Measured 15mm from tip)
  • Total Weight: 164 grams
  • Core Steel: AUS10
  • Cladding Steel: Stainless
  • Hardness: 61-62 (HRC)
  • Handle Style: Japanese
  • Handle Material: Octagonal enju wood
  • Left or Right handed: Either (Double Bevel)

Product SKU: TSU-0009-##

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Some measurements such as HRC are provided by manufacturers and should therefore be used as a guide.

Protection & care for this knife

The magnolia 240mm gyuto saya or a large gyuto size (27x5.5cm) blade guard is a great option to protect this knife.

Saya & Guards Knife Racks & Storage Sharpening & Blade Care

Meet the maker


Tsunehisa is a brand that supply knives from a range of blacksmiths and forges from around Japan including Sakai, Tosa and Seki and as such the range of knives available under the Tsunehisa name features a wide range of steels, styles and finishes but each one has a high level of quality and finish in common.

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