Yoshikazu Ikeda White #1 Fujisan Gyuto 240 with custom handle

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A truly classic knife made in a style only possible by the most skilled master blacksmiths and we've paired the mirror finish blade with an equally sensational custom handle to make a one-off piece any serious collector would give pride of place to in their home and kitchen.

First Impressions

It's very difficult to reasonably convey just how spectacular this knife is in person - We'll give it a try though! 

The finish of this knife is spectacular, the smoothness along the spine with its subtle rounded edge and beautiful taper are of a level you just don't see often simply because the investment of time and skill required is so high but it's here in abundance. 


This knife is made by master blacksmith Ikeda Yoshikazu from a single piece of high carbon white #1 steel honyaki forged with a subtle hamon or wave running the length of both sides of the blade inspired by Mt Fuji and finished to the highest level of mirror polish we've seen. 

This method of knife making requires a high level skill and mastery of forging and water quenching the steel and because the failure rate of making the knives is still high even with all the skill and experience of the blacksmith, the knives are successfully made are in very small numbers and highly coveted by collectors of the finest Japanese craftmanship.

In Hand

In hand, the smoothly shaped Western style custom handle is comfortable and the balance of the blade is superb, it's nimble and light despite its size.


There's a difficult balance to strike when it comes to collectors pieces like this. This is absolutely a knife designed to be used and it's superbly made and finished and the white #1 construction will develop a patina across the whole blade but it's unlikely to be a knife that will be used in a busy kitchen. 

It's something a true knife collector will either display as a piece of art and craft or will use lightly on very special occasions so durability either way isn't exactly an issue.

Ease of Care

The white #1 construction does mean this knife is completely reactive and given the rarity and high value, we recommend the utmost care following our normal care instructions and carbon steel care tips

The knife does include a blade guard and we definitely recommend using that if you're not going to display this on a quality rack or block.

Our Verdict

It's simultaneously difficult and easy to say this knife is great value for money. 

Obviously it's a very significant investment and one of the most expensive knives we've had the pleasure of handling in person but it should be viewed more as a collectors piece. 

If you're looking for a quality gyuto, we have lots of them more than a thousand pounds less and they're great - sharp, fantastically made by some world class blacksmiths and workshops.

However, this is an iconic knife made in a very difficult to master style and by a true master of the forge and in that respect, if you have the budget and enthusiam for Japanese knives like this one then it's worth every penny.

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Want to see a little more of the knife? Check out what the knife looks like in hand and up close.

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Protection & care for this knife

This knife is sold with a blade guard included.

Saya & Guards Knife Racks & Storage Sharpening & Blade Care

Meet the maker

Yoshikazu Ikeda

A legendary name in Japanese blacksmithing, one of the most experienced and skilled blacksmiths with more 50 years experience Ikeda san creates pieces of a quality only a small number of blacksmiths are capable of.

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