Takeshi Saji VG10 Rainbow Damascus Nakiri

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An immensely stylish piece of performance artwork, you'll be captivated by the rainbow damascus layering running through the length of this VG10 nakiri from one of Takefu knife village's most experienced blacksmiths.

First Impressions

We'll come onto beauty in a moment, first off this is without doubt an impressively sharp knife right out of the (wooden) presentation box and looking down the choil you can see a quality and consistent flat grind which will work efficiently and make clean cuts time after time. 


Obviously a large part of the magic of the rainbow damascus is its visual appeal and it definitely doesn't disappoint on this front. 

The layering running along the full length of the blade is created by alternating layers of brass and copper which form a cloud like pattern along the top of the blade and then switch to running the full length of the blade. 

Aesthetically, the rainbow damascus is a stunner.

In Hand

A lot of Takeshi Saji knives are fitted with fairly big and quite heavy full tang handles which aren't for everyone so this limited edition is fitted with a more typical octagonal wa handle which takes a little of that weight out of the knife, moves the balance point forward a fraction and contributes to a nice and nimble feel in hand.

We do also periodically get limited runs of the full tang version of these knives fitted with full tang bone handles.


There are two versions of the rainbow damascus knives (we also stock the carbon steel aogami) and the VG10 is a strong alternative offering a good level of edge retention and durability much like the carbon steel and it's a popular choice for a lot of blacksmiths because it's easy to work with and offers a durable and reliable cutting edge.

Ease of Care

This version of the rainbow damascus is easy to look after and maintain thanks to the stainless VG10 core and cladding so just follow our normal care instructions, wash and dry after use and show off your knife when you're not using it by storing it on a magnetic rack or block!

If you prefer a carbon steel, check out the aogami range.

Our Verdict

The rainbow damascus is a wonderful knife, it's beautifully made and presented and we have no doubt you'd be very happy when you open that wooden presentation box and start using it. 

In terms of absolute value for money, it's not unreasonable to say that because you're buying a knife made using quite a difficult technique this does form a part of the overall price but there's a reason people seek out and buy Takeshi Saji's knives and collect his work and so for the cook who's seeking that something a little special - this is one of those collections!

It's a piece of highly functional art you will love looking at as well as using.

Product Quick View

Want to see a little more of the knife? Check out what the knife looks like in hand and up close.

Product details

  • Blade Length: 155mm (Measurement of the cutting edge)
  • Total Length: 310mm (Blade + Handle)
  • Blade Thickness: 2.16mm (Measured level with heel)
  • Blade Height: 51.9mm (Heel to spine)
  • Total Weight: 161 grams
  • Core Steel: VG10
  • This knife is made from a stain resistant steel and so is a great choice for ease of care and it won't react with your ingredients like a carbon steel knife.

    Read the Japanese knife care guide
  • Cladding Steel: Rainbow Damascus
  • Hardness: 61-62 (HRC)
  • Handle Style: Japanese
  • Handle Material: Octagonal rosewood wa or full tang cow bone
  • Left or Right handed: Either (Double Bevel)

Product SKU: 11456

Our aim is to measure and photograph all our products as accurately as possible but due to the handmade nature of many items, please be aware that there may be some variance in the measurements and that things such as blade and knife handle patterns can vary and presentation boxes may differ from those shown but we will always endeavour to provide the most accurate measurements, photos and descriptions of our products.

Some measurements such as HRC are provided by the manufacturer and should therefore be used as a guide.

Protection & care for this knife

A photo of various protective guards for Japanese chef knives

We recommend showing this beautiful knife off by storing it on a magnetic rack or block but if you do need to keep it safely out of sight, please note that it comes with a wooden presentation box and cardboard sleeve for the blade inside it already. 

If you still need a guard, the santoku sized blade guard is the best fit for this knife.

Saya & Guards Knife Racks & Storage Sharpening & Blade Care

Blacksmith Profile

Takeshi Saji

A 3rd generation master blacksmith with more than 50 years experience and one of the founders of Takefu Knife Village, Takeshi Saji continues to craft some of the finest Japanese knives in the world and continues to work on improving his skills and technique to remain at the absolute top of his game.

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