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Konosuke YS-M

The striking attention to detail in the blade design and finish combine with a beautfully fitted Studio Khii handle to make this an unmissable range that is well deserving of it's excellent reputation.

Konosuke are renowned for their beautifully finished knives, from the blade itself to the Studio Khii handles they add to their knives. There is a real attention to detail that we totally love in all their knives and these are no different.

The steel is always kept a secret but we have been reliably informed that this steel leans more towards carbon steel than the GS+ semi-stainless that we also sell. The core is sandwiched between a softer stainless cladding and has a hammered blacksmith finish. The handle is octagonal made from enju and maguro wood by Studio Khii.

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Why buy this range

A great looking knife with an impeccable fit and finish that will stand out in any kitchen.

What you get

Beautiful black boxes with the Kanji inlaid on the lid. On the inside you will find a black stepped inlay and your beautiful knife of course inside a black cardboard sheath.

Helping you find the perfect knife

Cutting Edge Knives is a small family run business based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We love the history and craftsmanship that goes into making Japanese chef knives and the excitement and enjoyment you experience when using a truly sharp knife in the kitchen.

Since 2011 we've helped thousands of happy customers find the perfect knife for their cooking and hope to serve you soon.

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