Sharpening Stones

For those new to the world of sharpening stones we are here to help you through the process. Our stones are man-made from artificial materials which are considered superior to natural stone due to the consistency of the particles. They come in 7 different grits ranging from the super coarse #220 to the super fine #8000.

Which stones you need depend on how bad the edges of your knives are; for the amateur home chef whose edges aren't too bad we recommend two stones as a minimum, a coarse grit, say a #400 to grind the edge and a fine grit, say a #1000 to hone and polish the edge. Then you could progress to a #2000 as your third stone.

For professional chefs or those who have treated their knife edges badly (tut tut!) you might need to go for our coarsest grit #220 to reshape the new edge and hone it to create the ultimate edge with the #8000 using several intermediate grades along the way.

What is the difference between a sharpening rod and sharpening stones?

The ceramic sharpening rods we sell are around #10000 and are meant to be used to hone the existing knife edge and keep it sharp. You can only do this for so long though until the knife needs a new edge which is when you need to use the stones.

Please note we do not ship stones internationally due to weight.