Kumokage Blue #2

Hatsukokoro are developing a great reputation for the quality and style of the knives they make in partnership with various workshops and blacksmiths and the Kumokage is no different. Their focus with this range was to create a classic blue #2 knife benefitting from great edge retention and ease of sharpening and clad in a simple but traditional soft iron making an excellent value set of knives for those seeking traditional craft and style.

Why buy this range

Made in partnership with a 3rd generation blacksmith in a traditional style with a quality blue #2 core, they're great value carbon steel knives.

Helping you find the perfect knife

Cutting Edge Knives is a small family run business based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We love the history and craftsmanship that goes into making Japanese chef knives and the excitement and enjoyment you experience when using a truly sharp knife in the kitchen.

Since 2011 we've helped thousands of happy customers find the perfect knife for their cooking and hope to serve you soon.

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