There is no such thing as dishwasher safe knife

The short answer to the question "are your knives dishwasher safe?" is a straight no. No knife is really dishwasher safe.

Your knife is a quality tool and should be looked after like one, use it, wipe it, dry it, store it. Simple as that.

Dishwashers are great inventions, they let us spend more time eating, drinking and relaxing rather than washing up. Some things however should not go in a dishwasher. Some are annoying, like those stupidly tall wine glasses that were bought for you as a gift but are a pain to wash and as a result sit at the back of the cupboard never used.

Then there are the other bits and bobs that will fit but that you shouldn't put in the dish washer no matter how lazy you might be feeling. Knives fall into this latter category (along with chopping boards, greasy car parts, large pans, children, dogs and dentures).

Dishwashers are pretty nasty places, they have to be able to get all that cooked on dirt off in just over an hour. Hot caustic chemicals, salt, jets of water bashing everything around and everything into everything else.

It's not the best place to be keeping a high precision tool like one of our kitchen knives. The edge of the knife can get chipped or blunted by being bashed into other items. The chemicals eat into the cutting edge steel and can react to it. 

Then there is the safety aspect. Remember the knives we sell can't be compared to your supermarket specials you might have used in the past. They were dishwasher safe but they were also pretty rubbish at being sharp too.

Our knives though are super sharp. They not only look the part they act it too. Not the best thing to have hidden away in the utensils rack of your dish washer.

Anyway think of your dishwasher! These knives will cut through the plastic coating on your dish washer racks which will lead to them rusting and you needing to buy another.

Some of the bigger name manufacturers might say their knives are "dishwasher safe" and might even design knives with this in mind but even they, deep down, don't really think it is a great idea.

They say that as they know some people out there think it's important. You and I though know it's not right? Regardless of the label treat your knife with some love and avoid the dishwasher.

So after all that I hope I've convinced you, don't put these knives in the dishwasher. Simple as that. Use, wash, dry then store them ready for their next use when you whip up another tasty feast in the kitchen.

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